Concrete Restoration

Concrete Grinding Services is not just a concrete grinding company. As a division of Atlantic Renovation and Contracting Services (A.R.C) we also provide a variety of other concrete related services including concrete repair and restoration, new concrete installs, waterproofing, protective coatings, crack repair and more. Concrete Grinding Services is virtually your one stop shop for all your concrete related needs.

We provide concrete repair services in the form of selective removal and replacement of deteriorated concrete, patching and epoxy injection of a variety of concrete surfaces including poured and precast structural concrete members, sidewalks, elevated walkways and balconies, as well as larger slabs on grade. 

We also repair concrete spalling. Spalling is usually caused by corrosion of the steel reinforcement bars embedded in the concrete matrix. The net result of the corrosion of the rebar is the growth of ferrous oxide scale on the rebar that eventually exerts enough force on the surrounding material that it splits the concrete. We cut out the spalled area of concrete, clean or replace the rebar as needed and replace with new concrete.

It's also, not an uncommon occurrence for concrete to crack but knowing the difference between a crack caused by structural failure and simple settling or curing crack is key. We'll survey the site and determine if the crack is still moving or static and subsequently the best method of repair.

Concrete Grinding Services provides waterproofing assistance. Waterproofing goes hand in hand with concrete restoration. Elements in the environment can cause significant damage to buildings and taking preventative measures will greatly reduce structural deterioration caused by natural elements, water being chief among them. We offer a variety of waterproofing services including caulking repair, sealing, installation of waterproof membranes and coatings.

If your concrete has cracks, discoloration or other imperfections it doesn't have to be removed and replaced to maintain its appeal . Resurfacing concrete with a polymer modified overly is one way to restore the surface of your concrete and upgrade the look without the expense of a full blown replacement project. You can save money and conserve resources by simply applying a topping over your existing concrete. We have a variety of options discussed in the next section.

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