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Concrete Grinding Services understands that having a warehouse or large manufacturing area commands a lot of maintenance and repair. Thats why specialize in a number of services to keep the foundation of your building up to code and safe. There are a number of items that could become a hazard and actually slow down your production and/or eliminate the functionality of some parts of your building. Whether it be a trip hazard or joint filling to protect the slab itself, CGS has the solution for you.



Very few of our clients understand the process or the importance of joint filling.


When expansion joints or cracks go unfilled, they create a situation, where your foundation is compromised. Your foundation will no longer be air tight OR water tight therefore effecting the integrity of your slab.


Joint filling is the process where the expansion (cold) joints, (which are cut into the slab when your foundation is first poured in order to prevent any major cracking), or cracks that have been caused from your foundation settling over time, are cleaned out and made free of ALL debris.


Then a bond breaker or backer rod is installed in the joint to prevent sagging of the filler, (this is typically either a fine aggragate or sand.)


Finally a filler is installed which can either be single component flexible urethane joint filler or a two part fast cure polyurea joint filler. The latter of the two are used when time is of the essence.


With this simple process, you can ensure that your foundation is not only stronger but safer. Your foundation will also last a lot longer due to an even greater prevention of air and water intrusion.

Joint Fill &

Crack/ Spall Repair

Surface Preparation

Coating performance is directly affected by surface preparation. Coating integrity and service life will be reduced because of improperly prepared surfaces. As high as 80% of all coating failures can be directly attributed to inadequate surface preparation that affects coating adhesion. That's why it's important to choose the properly trained professionals, such as, Concrete Grinding Services.

Concrete Grinding Services offers a variety of surface preparation solutions. From floor leveling and scarifying to coating and adhesive removal, you can feel confident that our team of surface preparation specialists will get your concrete surface prepped and ready for the next phase of your project.

Our specialized equipment can remove paint, epoxies, adhesives, cementitious and other types of coatings from any flat concrete surface. The resulting substrate will have a slight to heavy etch depending on what type of coating was removed. If you are installing a new protective coating that requires a specific surface profile, we'll take the necessary steps to get you there before the job is complete.



Concrete Grinding Services is not just a concrete grinding company, we also provide a variety of other concrete related services including concrete repair and restoration, new concrete installs, waterproofing, protective coatings, and more. 

We provide concrete repair services in the form of selective removal and replacement of deteriorated concrete, patching and epoxy injection of a variety of concrete surfaces including poured and precast structural concrete members, sidewalks, elevated walkways and balconies, as well as larger slabs on grade. 

If your concrete has cracks, discoloration or other imperfections it doesn't have to be removed and replaced to maintain its appeal . Resurfacing concrete with a polymer modified overlay is one way to restore the surface of your concrete and upgrade the look without the expense of a full blown replacement project. You can save money and conserve resources by simply applying a topping over your existing concrete. 


CGS has the trained professionals to make your concrete surface new again.

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